Tips for a Tidy Pet Home

Whether you have one pet, or 15, you know that things can accumulate quickly. From accessories, to toys, to different types of food, we’ve whipped up the ultimate guide for storing all things pet! Each category offers tips and tricks for any storage problem you may encounter. With a little bit of work, and some imagination, your pet’s home will be the tidiest on the block!

Food Storage

Multiple Animals = A lot of food

Most pets can smell their food from a mile away, so storing their food out of reach can be very important if you don’t want a huge mess! The main things to look for in a storage container are : accessibility, tight closure, and capacity.

A larger bin will be best, especially if you have multiple dogs! Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your own. Having a potato bin repurposed will work just as well. These types of containers have a large capacity, great accessibility, and depending on the style, will be hard for a pup to get into.

If a stationary bin isn’t ideal for you, you can try a style with wheels. Because it's mobile, this bin makes for easy transport during feeding times. Also, if you’re concerned about your pup getting in a container, this style has a locking latch that is not easily tampered with. (This works great to keep toddlers out too!).....Who wants to come home to a whole bag of dog food on the floor?!

If finding space is a problem when storing your pets food, you can try a food station combo. By refurbishing an old dresser, you can have a handy storage container and food bowls in one convenient place.

Collar and Leash Storage -

It's nice to have collar options, right?

If you only have a handful of collars / leashes, the best tip is to hang them on a hook, a hall tree, or a coat rack. However, if you have multiple pets and numerous may need something a little larger.

Using PVC pipe, you can construct a multi row collar rack.

Using metal pipes, you can make a shelf style rack to put in your pet’s room! Using a matte finished metal will bring an industrial feel to your project, while adding wood elements can add a more rustic vibe.

If you’re looking for a reason to refurbish an old tie rack or necklace holder, this will do the trick to showcase your pet’s accessories. Who needs more ties anyways?

For multiple dog leashes, it’s best to roll up each leash and place them in a drawer or basket to prevent them from getting tangled.

Treat Storage -

Who doesn't love treats?

Whether your pet likes bones or chews, jars are always a simple but practical solution for storage. Because they either snap lock or twist shut, jars can’t be broken into.

Canisters are another simple way to keep your pet’s treats stored. However, they are a more decorative alternative that may not be as secure as a jar.

Grooming Storage -

A clean pet means a clean-ISH home.

Nail clippers, brushes, and shampoo are a few of the many things we have to keep around the house as pet owners. One convenient way to keep up with all your pet’s products is a door organizer. Adding a door organizer to a mudroom or laundry room will add so much extra storage without compromising floor space. (And keeping things out of reach)

Another way to store grooming products is a set of hanging wall baskets. They serve the same purpose as a door organizer, but can be more decorative. Aslo, if your laundry room doesn’t have a door, these are a great option!

Toy Storage

Is a pet really spoiled if they don’t have 1,200 toys!?

What better way to display your pet’s prized possessions than a toy box? Whether it be a crate, box, plastic container or anything similar, your pet will have an organized toy area that they love.

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, you can try a wooden floor organizer. With this option you can split up the toys to know which pet they belong to.

With so many things that go along with owning a pet,having them taking over your space shouldn’t be one of them. (Unless it’s your bed). Remember, organization in your home keeps balance for everyone, including YOU. So, get creative with our storage ideas or create your very own to keep your family clutter free!

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